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Courses taught

MIT/WHOI Joint Program

Submesoscale Ocean Processes MIT/WHOI, 12.950, Fall 2022, 2017

Small-scale ocean processes: Waves, instabilities, turbulence MIT/WHOI 12.802 Spring 2021, 2022, 2023

Introduction to Physical Oceanography MIT/WHOI 12.808 Fall 2020

Fluid Dynamics of the Ocean and Atmosphere MIT/WHOI, 12.800, Fall 2017, ’18, ’19

Computational Ocean Modeling MIT/WHOI, 12.850 2013,’15,’18,’20,22

At Harvard University

  • Environmental Hydrodynamics and Hydrology Fall Semester, 2004-05 DEAS, Harvard University
  • Applied Mathematics 21a Fall Semester, 2003-04,04-05 DEAS, Harvard University
  • Applied Mathematics 21b Spring Semester, 2003-04,04-5 DEAS, Harvard University
  • Freshman Seminar: Climate Change: Past, Present and Future Fall Semester, 2005-06, Harvard University

Schools & Workshops

Writing a better science proposal (workshop offered annually since 2012)

GODAE school, Friday Harbor, 2017

IIT-Madras India as part of the ASIRI-OMM collaboration, 2017

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Summer Program, Woods Hole, Staff       2003,’04,’07,’08, ’10,’15

Chinese Academy of Sciences, South China Institute of Oceanology 2018

Danish Technical University, Lecturer, Summer school Complex Motion in Fluids 2011

Grand Combin Italy, Summer Program, Transport in Geophysical Flows: Ten Years After 2004

Other Activities

  • Staff, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Summer Program, Woods Hole, 2003,04,07,08,10,12,14
  • Science for the Public Lectures
  • 2014 and prior
    • Museum of Science, Boston, Inspiring Minds – Demonstration
    • Organizer – Runkle School (K-8) Math and Science Night, Brookline, MA
    • Explorium, Dartmouth MA, Talk and panel discussion in the Ocean Voices series
    • Museum of Science, Boston, Understanding Climate – Talk and demonstration
    • Brookline Schools, Science Fest, Earth Science exhibit
    • Brookline Schools, Teacher Training – Oceans and atmospheres – GFD experiments
    • Boston University LerNet: Summer Pathways – conducted a session on Oceans and Atmospheres for high school students